Day 13 Make-up or Toiletries

I actually don’t own much make-up just the bare essentials. For me black/brown mascara and pre face masks a favourite lipstick. Both only worn when going for an evening out or entertaining at home.

These days the former occasion happens rarely now! I think I may have become socially inept.

Working outside mostly in solitude the robins in the gardens I tend don’t seem to mind my ’au natural’ face! When not working cycling, swimming or my art do not require a glam look and The Long Suffering…well he rarely sees me any other way!

Watercolour Sketch

Day 11 was Pebbles and Rocks….

Day 12 was Vases and containers

My vase was one I made in my second year of junior school the first time we were allowed to use a turntable. I remember being so excited on the day and my Mum was so pleased with my effort she kept it on her shelf until she died four years ago!

I am still managing to keep painting mostly from life and this week attempted an interior room painting.

The corner of my sitting room is a special place. The Ercol desk and chair I inherited from my mother. It was where she entered her ’ins and outs’ into her ledger on a daily basis. I use it to write and invoice.

The very old rocking chair recently re-upholstered was Long-sufferings Grandfathers and the ’art deco’ lamp was a present to me from my father-in-law.

I found this painting a real challenge, what to keep in what to leave out….I love and collect duck so they had to stay in! I am reasonably happy with the result but going forward I need to mix more paint.

Oil on primed Wood Panel 8 x 8 inches

A Special Corner

Finally this afternoon it was back in the studio and using a photo reference from the man behind the lens of the sunrise this morning at the Eye Bridge Wimborne.

I cropped the image to make it my own and painted with a just over an hour time limit as though I was there sometimes with the panel upside down!

Sunrise at Eye Bridge Oil on primed wood panel 8 x 6 inches

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