Day 10 Sketchbook Challenge ‘Pink’

Luckily for todays prompt four young granddaughter’s mean Nana has always got something pink in their toybox!

Barbie baby bath, pink lego and a hand print thank you card age two

I had a lovely weekend spending much needed mother/daughter time but did just about manage to complete the daily challenge for days 8 Twigs and branches and 9 Glass.

Day off today back to some oil painting.

I am still trying to paint mostly from life the weather was against me getting outside to paint, instead I spent the day in the studio.

I spent the morning painting the beautiful floral arrangement from my daughter. I decided to really challenge myself by painting the window and part of my pinboard including some art by my grandaughters. I may revisit this one but for now it’s finished.

Oil on Paper 300 x 400mm

This afternoon I painted from a photo reference from our stay on the Scilly Isles looking out from St Martins. We were lucky the little red sail boat sailed across at the right time.

Oil on Stretched Canvas 150 x 210mm

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