Last Days of the Sketchbook Challenge

Day 24 ‘In the Cafe’ For this challenge I tried Gouache for the first time and chose a Van Gogh Painting – Cafe Terrace at Night – as inspiration. I have much to learn with this medium but loved the bright opaque colours in my starter set and had a lot of fun with the process!

Day 25 Shadows & Day 26 Winter I combined. Day 27 Faces my own, I had low lighting = less lines!

Day 28 Doorway and Day 29 Inspired by Film, again I combined these two. I chose the famous blue door from the film Notting Hill. For the final day of the #30daysketchbookchallenge Day 30 Favourite Sketching Tool – for this I chose a watercolour brush.

I intended to set up my still life in the garden today but the weather had other ideas. Although it was dry the wind was gusting and swirling. Instead I set up the florals in the Studio by the window the next best thing. The tulips were shop bought and starting to droop which I think made for a less formal arrangement. The Hellebore and snowdrops were picked fresh from the garden.

‘Tulips in the Studio’ Oil on Canvas board 8 x 10

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