Hello, thanks for visiting my personal blog.  A little bit about me then………

My name is Sarah married to my wonderful Long-suffering. We have 3 grown up children and 6 grandchildren.

Gardening is my number one passion and throughout my life has been a constant. It is a hobby as well as my livelihood – Garden Design & Maintenance.

This blog was originally started to document my recovery from a life changing car accident in November 2012. At the time I was unaware whilst in the midst of an insurance claim your life is not your own, too late the domain was registered ‘therecoveringgardener.blog’

I was advised against continuing for legal reasons, however in 2016 I was able to post freely.

Almost eight years on from the accident ‘The Recovering Gardener’ has for the most part recovered….and so has her Long-suffering he is now the accomplished ‘Man Behind the Lens’ inspired by his not always accomplished ‘Creative Muse’.

Other interests and hobbies I write about and enjoy include:

  • Fitness – swimming, Pilates, spinning, outdoor cycling, gym work.
  • Art – watercolour, sketching, acrylics, pastels & oils.
  • Walking – anywhere I can
  • Reading and Writing – all things gardening, fiction, non fiction, Journals, online writing course, and blog!
  • Companion – for my long-suffering husbands passion for holidays!