Day 17 Clouds

Todays prompt of Clouds for the #30daysketchbookchallenge came on a day when there was actually not a cloud to be seen where I live in Dorset. Instead happily we were graced with Jack Frost and clear blue skies. I used a ref photo instead.

Day 16 Prompt was Batteries….I felt totally uninspired by this and ended up with a very uninventive sketch of the battery powered remote control!

Day 15 Prompt Was Chair and once again I thought Long-sufferings paternal grandfathers chair should get another feature after all it is nearly 100 years old!

Day 14 Prompt Something beginning with S I chose to sketch one of my dress shoes, rather like my make-up they do not get out often these days!

Well thats the challenge up to date.

Yesterday afternoon we took a stroll along the River Stour at Blandford Meadows and were lucky enough to spot two Kingfishers fleetingly. We had never walked this side before and were interested in locations for me to paint and The Man behind the Lens to photograph.

Towards the end of the grassy path a narrow very muddy and slippery path led me to and under the A350 bypass bridge where the public path ended. The beautiful view across the stour was worth nearly slipping over for although not so much the noise of the overhead traffic! I happily snapped away for future reference. The reflections were beautiful and I loved the light on the cottage and old barn as well as the burnt oranges on the banks.

‘Under the Bypass on the Stour’ Oil on primed wood panel 298mm x 211mm

I painted this in the Studio this morning allowing myself two hours, I over-ran by forty five minutes! Once again it helped by painting on occasion upside down!

This afternoon I painted another reference photo from our walk along the Stour. This time the view through the Teasels to Hall and Woodhouse Brewery. A better time of ninety minutes.

‘Teasels on the Meadows’ Oil on primed Wood panel 216mm x 216mm

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