All change!

Hello to all my followers and readers, apologies for my one year absence on here.

Behind the scenes I have been busy taking part in new painting challenges, exhibitions and launching a new website as a platform to sell my artwork from.

As my regular readers will know technology is not my strongest attribute and therefore when it comes to the above I can only cope with one venture at a time.

Because of that my new website will now be the home of the ‘Creative Muse’ where I would love you to visit have a browse and most importantly keep reading and following my blog. My aim is to write a new post at least once a month.

I would just like to say a big thank you to all my past and more recent readers who have read, commented, encouraged and followed me along the way in my ‘blogging’ journey.
I hope very much to keep writing posts worthy of your interest at their new home.

For now ‘The Creative Muse’ @saramowerart will still be visible to view past posts.

Once again THANK YOU and very best wishes

‘The Creative Muse’

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