Snowdrops and a mishap!

Last Tuesday I underwent stage one of a necessary dental procedure namely three tooth implants. This left me feeling very sore of mouth and head!

I was able to work although head down in the flower borders was not ideal. By the time I got home from work I was so distracted by the discomfort and swelling from my mouth that I found painting or anything else constructive was impossible. Instead I went with it and read art books and watched a Period Drama or two!

By Saturday my swollen cheek had gone down enough to go out in public place. Our destination of choice was Kingston Lacey to view their wonderful collections of snowdrops in the gardens.

Once home disaster struck. I had sat, not thinking cross legged at the table on my laptop. My leg on standing (the bad leg) was totally dead sending me lurching downward! Aware of needing to save my hip from another breakage I twisted round. The hip was saved but my backside took a bruising along with my left foot and ankle which ended up bent backwards and subsequently badly sprained.

Having not painted all week I was desperate on Sunday to paint again. Using my own reference photo from our snowdrop walk I hobbled to the studio…..I couldn’t finish in one session as my ankle was so sore but I did manage the finishing touches on Monday.

Snowdrops at Kingston Lacey Oil on primed wood panel 8 x 8 inches

Today the ankle swelling has continued to go down but some of the old issues with my leg have returned and I continue to painfully hobble about. Unfortunately working outside this week is out of the question. Although fed up at letting my clients down I am not too despondent as I feel confident it will all ease with rest and exercise and as before swimming is once again my lifeline for rehab.

The long-suffering is looking after me well preparing ice and heat packs amongst other things as I elevate the leg.

I am back painting but for now gouache….more furnishings friendly than oils and I can keep my leg up!

Lobster Pots Hope Cove Gouache on Arches A5 Watercolour Paper

6 thoughts on “Snowdrops and a mishap!

  1. My dear Sarah,

    I have just this minute read your blog and am so sorry about your mishap. Is there anything I can do to help, I feel so vexed for you. I know you have a wonderful husband, most able in these circumstances but what a rotten thing to happen, I am full of hope that you “GET WELL SOON”.

    I will pop round later.

    Lots and lots of love, Dotti XXX

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