Day 6 Hats

This started out as a quick compositional sketch for a watercolour painting.
My hat party was made up of Two his and hers from our first road trip to New Zealand, a boater from Sydney Australia all pre-pandemic. The middle hat in the pile of three was bought early 2020 for a pre-booked holiday abroad before we became aware covid had no quick fix!

The act of pencil stroking the paper even when sketching on the grandchildren’s thin cheap sheets became ever more intoxicating. My mind was so focused on the art of gradually creating a three dimensional drawing, in doing so time literally stood still.

I had forgotten how relaxing just sketching with a pencil could be. I am so pleased I signed up for the #30daysketchbookchallenge

Back to Nana Duties tomorrow and Saturday our daughter Emma is coming to stay for the weekend. I managed to fit in a very quick oil sketch in the studio. Oil on paper 8×8 inches.

Oh and day 4 & 5 sketchbook challenge below Feather and Cake respectively!

I couldnt find a real feather but sketched an organic one using a feather duster specimen – the bright pink was a bit harsh!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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