Three Red Roses in a Jam Jar

I made the most of the festive bouquet for the second time yesterday after lunch, as it was still raining persistent and heavy at times much like the omicron news – nothing else to do but keep calm and carry on painting!

I decided to group the three red roses in a little Bonne Maman Jam jar and include its distinctive red checked lid in the still life set up. An old chambray pillowcase made for a good base cloth.

Once again I started with a light sketch of the main shapes. My palette still contained left over mixed paint from the morning session, some I would use and add too, the rest was removed and the mixing area cleaned.

I felt more confident with my brush strokes this time and progressed quickly, finishing in just under two hours.
‘Three Red Roses in a Jam Jar’ Oil on primed wood panel 8 x 8 inches

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