Lexi & Bella Feeding the Ducks

Back in November I spent a week in Hereford with our Daughter and her family.

I took my oil paints with every intention of painting plein air, as they are lucky enough to have a nature park right on their doorstep complete with a lake.

However the weather for the most part had other ideas. The one day the sun shone Nana and the two youngest of the four offspring, girls of six and five took some oats to feed the ducks. Unfortunately the little darlings were intent on getting ever nearer to the waters edge and the ducks!

Instead the paints stayed in the backpack, and a quick sketch and photo reference had to do for a studio painting at a later date.

More rain and strong winds kept me inside today and I fancied a change from still life. Water and little figures in the landscape took much longer than the two I had planned…four hours!

Lexi & Bella Feeding the Ducks oil on canvas board 10 x 8 inches

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