Yellow and red Roses in Aynsley Vase

These roses were part of a larger Festive bouquet. Roses I find a challenge to paint and have had limited success, none in oils, a few in watercolour. One shown below from summer in my garden last year.

I loved the contrast of the rich reds and softer apricot yellows foe todays project and felt excited about painting them. I took my time setting them up in an old Aynsley vase, one of the first presents Long-suffering surprised me with.

I gave myself a two hour timeframe to help me keep to the picture in my head – less detail more painterly. With a clear plan after a light sketch of the basic shapes I ready mixed pools of tonal colour to help me construct the blooms using short strokes and dabs with the brushes to add variety. I managed to finish in the timeframe and the painting came together as I had envisioned with some lost edges and the main apricot-yellow rose as the focal point.

‘Yellow and Red Roses in Aynsley Vase’ Oil on primed wood panel 8 x 8 inches

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