St Michael’s Mount and a January Challenge

I had a little Studio tidy today and found a brand new canvas board in a much wider format than I am used to painting on. 20 x 8 inches.

I have a ready supply of ref photos to paint from but to fit the canvas I needed to edit. The image I was excited about St Michael’s Mount with kind permission from Jeremy Sanders Studio, had a lot of sky…not always successful for me. By cropping the sky a lot and foreground a bit the resized image would scale up well for my canvas.

I tried to paint as though I was actually there but in the end it took three hours rather than the two I had aimed for. I think its finished for now anyway!
Oil on canvas Board 20 x 8 inches

I am back to work and on Nana duties next week, but I really wanted to try and keep up with my daily art. A good friend suggested the #30daysketchbookchallenge starting on New Years day. I have signed up for the free version and the prompts appear in my inbox at 7am!

While I may not always have time to get the oils out I think I can manage a daily sketch/watercolour.

Day 1 Pens
Day 2 Cup or Mug
My old Tudor style cup took a lot of observation skills!

Happy New Year to all my followers and readers thanks for all your likes and comments. Fingers crossed for 2022!

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