Day 22.  We woke up early to the most amazing potential sunrise and an unexpectedly still Lake Camp, not a ripple disturbed and already in the murky half light reflections were appearing.


Out in pyjamas we walked together, our cameras in hand finding the perfect spots to capture the magic as it unfolded in front of us. We couldn’t believe our luck, the strong winds of the previous day had just vanished taking any lake disturbance with it.


Sunrise and reflections…




Not wanting to leave, a leisurely breakfast together alongside the most beautiful perfect reflections we had ever had the privilege to behold, before our drive to….


Taylors Mistake Beach car park. Godley Head Loop Track 2.5-3 hour 6 miles.

From the the off this scenic coastal walk was a delight, starting from the car park clumps of cerise  Asters, As we started our assent past well stocked gardens a riot of colour greeted us Asters, Bearded Iris, succulents, spires of Echiums covered in bees. 




On the coast side of the path a ‘prairie planting’ by design or just escapees, I wasn’t sure.



Past the houses the path zig-zagged sharply over rock steps before the surface changed to fine gravel track. 


Open gently winding paths on grassy slopes took us upwards with spectacular views all the way across ocean and coastline on this clear sunny day.


Room with a view!


Gold finch and maybe Yellowhammer, I think!

Without shade the entire track, sweating man appeared early, carefully applied sun-cream ending up on his towel!


Again a walk with history. At the top the remains of WW11 gun emplacements and barracks. Over 700 soldiers were stationed here from 1941-2. Reflections of a different kind….thinking how exposed it would feel up here for those brave soldiers in the depths of winter.


Luckily some well placed trees at the top gave us a little shade to eat our packed lunch.


Sheep on the back end of the loop walk…


And winding paths


2.5 hour winding drive to Akaroa Bay for our powered site set above the bay, from our pitch we could see the sea.

Harbar View and Kitchen overlooking the ‘harbour’ and Daly’s Wharf. A half hour walk down a steep path with steps took us into town and this bar, originally just for beers to sit and unwind. The sight of pizzas being made from scratch tempted us to eat out in this beautiful setting in the still hot evening sun. 


The steep climb back up was not as wonderful, but the sunrise at the top was on fire!


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