From Highlands to Skye land

Day 3. Leaving our hotel early for the approx three hour drive to the Isle of Skye there was one more stop to tick off in the Scottish Highlands, ‘The Hogwarts Express’. This was a slight detour but once there no more than twenty minutes walk to the viewpoint I was assured……

Glenfinnan Viaduct…..An impressive 21-arched viaduct spanning 1,000 ft, 100 ft off the ground, made famous in the second and third Harry Potter films. The viaduct overlooks Loch Shiel and the Jacobite Monument. The ‘Hogwarts Express’ was due to chug over the viaduct at approximately 10.45am.

Parking in the large car park a short steep hike took us up to the viewing point, only this was not the viewing point for the Man behind the lens, much to my dismay! One snap and back down we went disappointment evident on his face.

By now sweating man was back as we strode speedily – him – across the car park looking for another track, I found one with many other people heading the same way! But no….google maps had a better idea. Instead we walked back across the carpark on to the busy main road. Big mistake….after much grumbling from me as we dodged traffic head an escape via a side road presented itself.

I tried not to gloat as we rejoined my original marked path leading to the popular viewpoints, time was now of the essence! We need not have worried arriving with the masses there was enough time to find a pitch and set up. I chose to climb higher for a spot looking slightly down to the viaduct for my moving picture duty!

With my phone set ready to video, I settled down to sketch. Five minutes later the train could be heard but as yet unseen, worried at missing the moment I hastily stopped my barely started sketch dropping it to the muddy ground in the process!

A Toot in the distance, still no visible sign – the train was still minutes away -amazing how sound travels. Then suddenly out from the tunnel came the beautiful Jacobite Steam Train puffing out plumes of smoke as it crossed the magnificent viaduct, a joy to behold.
I can tell you my video recording was my finest effort – according to Man behind lens …..non shaky, horizon level, steady controlled panning. A still image taken from my video.

The man behind the lens got his shots too from a different perspective!

A quick pull in for another photo op….Eilean Donan Castle sitting on a small tidal island, a reconstruction of the original thirtieth century castle destroyed in 1719.

Crossing over the bridge to Skye we were eager to get to Staffin in the North East of the island and our base for the week. Plenty of head swivelling views were to be had along the way as we drove on narrow sometimes single track roads to our ‘crofters cottage’ one of two. Ours overlooked the sea in one direction and the Quiraing part of the Trotternish Ridge on the other. Beautifully furnished we would be comfortable and cosy for our weeks stay in this stunning of locations.

After a short amble down to view the bay passing many sheep as they munched happily away it was a walk back up to relax and a good nights sleep in a comfy bed……Tomorrow The Old Man of Storr Beckoned!

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