A Technical Dilemma!

The month of June has almost passed along with any writing activity from yours truly! Just when I thought finally I was in the good habit of a weekly post on a regular day a WordPress update has sent me into a tailspin. This update is called ‘The New Block Editor’. Now it has been around for a few months but I had managed to ignore it and carried on using the classic editor. 

From June 1st the block editor was to be the new normal or you could opt out, probably not indefinitely though! Now the month of June is a particularly busy month in the gardening calendar. Growth is exuberant helped along by the welcome rain this month a good few inches at least. Work has been long, busy, and labour intensive, by the time I return home my brain is not in the mood for technical learning ie. block editor or the much needed overhaul of my site.

I have tried but quickly given up and so at the end of each day the Long-suffering has listened to the words ‘I will try again tomorrow’ his knowing look is not lost on his muse! For any of my regular weekly readers then, July will also be post free as I work behind the scenes on my site watch this space!  

As further lockdown measures have eased this month we have been tempted further afield although still in our own county……

Old Harry Rocks Jurassic Coast, images from the man behind the lens….


And a little plein air sketch from his muse…..

Sturminster Mill…

Very quick on the spot Plein air pencil sketch…


Finished Watercolour at home..
6A12B6C0-5C93-4C3E-9782-DCEAAAD2116ESome more art…sketchbook work for nature journalling week, poppies, vase of flowers, farm buildings and cows from a walk along the stour river.

In the garden this month….Visiting Bullfinches enjoying the Amelanchier berries….

New Topiary the beginnings of a Chicken… 

The horrors of feeding Niger Seed above a flower border. Thick cress like growth to weed away, a tedious job indeed!

The feeder will be moved to the trees in the meadow for the finches winter fuel.

Sport came back to our TV this month, unfortunately so did some stormy interference much to Long-sufferings disappointment!
C6CD0ED2-664A-458E-8370-7CAE28294F26The man behind the lens was happier though out capturing amazing sunsets and rogue poppies amongst wheat crops

B862ABD3-615C-4131-948F-6CCB528E91C797DFB75C-1F01-4543-A665-4F2438297A1AABF7A7F8-D87D-480D-8A48-4549CC3A99ABBED1ED8F-83A9-45F7-ACF9-74276AE8DC0F5D31FCD0-37A7-466F-819C-BCAC67C0FF89BC40F938-E62C-45AF-A60F-CE3B32232DA88B784FE1-4663-41F7-B31A-AE2744199A7E8184BF3C-A82C-4B16-B4EA-26D0AE8C4EE9My own watercolour study ‘Poppies in Pompeii‘ is framed and hanging in its new home in Shroton a little village in Dorset not too far away.

B1B733FA-842E-46E8-98CC-192E93944CF1EF734664-5772-403B-8610-18C6B4AA7905Jobs for July:

  • Summer prune Wisteria
  • Prune early summer flowered shrubs
  • Keep watering new plants and pots during summer
  • Keep deadheading to promote more flowers unless grown for seed or hips
  • Keep weeding through the borders
  • Stop climbing beans when they reach the top of the canes

Our grandchildren planted Sunflower seeds at school before Lockdown, they and ‘Mummy’ have nurtured them well and today one has produced its first flower to much excitement. Our youngest granddaughter turned two and it was lovely to be able to celebrate this milestone with her, and wonderful to help eat the birthday cake made by her very talented Mummy. Our world keeps turning and we must keep moving forward with it!

This pandemic is not over yet, keep safe, keep social distancing, and lets all do our best to keep heeding the ‘new normal’!  










4 thoughts on “A Technical Dilemma!

  1. Have really enjoyed all of your blog tonight as last night I couldn’t download all the amazing ‘photos, truly breath taking from that man behind the lens!! Your picture of the poppies is wonderful, beautifully mounted and framed, which it well deserves.


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