Life’s little ups & Downs

Rather like our regular bike rides full of challenging ups and downs, today started just like that.
First thing this morning for our permitted one a day ‘Coronacise’ we were out on one such cycle ride, a beautiful sun filled mid spring Easter Sunday.
After a steep climb up Bulbarrow Hill glimpses of Bluebells were to be seen through the woods. A short distance along we decided to change route and take advantage of the promise of the bluebell woods we explored on foot last year with children and grandchildren.


This year unable to be with family the next best thing is to be out cycling along a deserted country lane admiring the abundant drifts of dainty bluebells through the woods as we for once pedal leisurely by…oh and a photo opportunity from the man behind the lens while pausing for a drink alongside all this beauty.





My first plein air sketchbook watercolour from last years display….


Back at home it was out from the protection of the cold frame for some hardier seedlings and into the cold frame for the little dining room shoots.

5A941B0E-1025-4C3F-AC09-3307C036E8EF81ED72A7-9B88-4EA4-AFDF-626073620BE2So far, so good all looking well. Watering can in hand next stop my lettuce seedlings sown two weeks previously, only instead of two orderly lines of new fresh green shoots a mound of excavated earth from a huge hole sat on the top!


I am thinking the Badger is back or a very big Easter rabbit! Either way my seedlings are gone in one foul swoop. Tomorrow morning looks like Jack Frost may pay a visit but rest assured in a few days more seeds will be sown as I know good things will come again, rather like these strange times we are experiencing right now.

On the way back to the house as if to reinforce this my cheery little auricula smiled back at me!

We have good friends suffering greatly this last week in very uncertain territory, this morning word of a tiny change forward!

Hopefully sooner rather than later the statistic charts will start to go down – and stay down – and our wellbeing can tentatively go up and out into the world once more.

Stay home, save lives, keep social distancing. Happy Easter to all I will sign off with my window display for the Easter Egg hunt organised in our villages for the children which after all need hope right now that the world still turns….





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