Buried Treasures

For now in these uncertain times I am fortunate to still be able to go to work. Almost all the gardens I visit rely on little if any contact – except for the happily received tea, biscuits or cake. Some gardens are weekend retreats, others I am there to assist less mobile clients or those without time/knowledge.

Therefore I am more often alone in terms of human contact but happily kept engaged by the busyness of the natural world above and below ground. Occasionly along with the worms and plants I work amongst in the borders, buried treasures come to the surface.

B178A932-EBFB-40C9-B003-16EC83841CB0Now these treasures are of a certain kind not in the least valuable unless you are missing an expensive new sock, long lost, loved teddy bear or a forgotten bone!


Treasures of the human kind – Our Families, friends, and wider circles – are under threat through health or circumstance. We are having to social distance from those we love. Thank goodness for technology – did I really write that?

To enable us to look out and be strong for each other we still need to take care of our own well being.

Creativity outside or inside helps me to try and keep a perspective on the very real and frightening crisis that has gripped our world. Even a short time away from the constant, often conflicting updates, visual and otherwise is good therapy for mind and body. Below a few of my own distractions for calming the mind….

Baking for our Grandsons 21st Birthday at the weekend…..I may not be there in person but I will be there by way of a cake instead…

80288C34-9E5D-4984-8BC1-2C0E46A95D1Awatercolour practice…..

A3C7F8AC-67EA-4B5A-9C23-F4B45D6FD991Digging up lots of Bindweed not so much calming as therapeutically repetitive! Spring and its abundant growth will not be cancelled or postponed!

Keep safe out there. What helps/enables you to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’?







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