A final taste of Paradise

Day 59.  From Russell it was with heavy hearts we drove the Tutukara coast drive each road leading us closer to our eventual Auckland end.

3ECA6F47-38DB-4F04-A299-688DE86C64B0Along the way a lookout down to Elliot Bay….


10E49A4F-33AE-44FE-B355-A55CE39AE532and unexpected drone practice.

E11A2E5C-1931-4F76-93B5-5CF8B9AF87C6And then by chance on the way to what was to be our next stop – Whangaruru – we turned off for an elevenses stop, down a straight gravel track to Bland Bay and our unexpected last spot of paradise.


Luckily this beautiful curved bay did not emulate its name ‘Bland by name’ was definitely not ‘Bland by nature!


3B7392B8-B94D-4BED-9772-2861C8CAF4F7Our intention was to make a brew and move on. However, just us two, the lone pony  in the adjacent field, a stunning beach, clear turquoise seas, crashing waves over rocky outcrops, staying put for a last freedom camp was an easy decision to make!



F449E25C-0B90-4FE3-A566-0C517E6AD334We spent our time revelling in the solitude, strolling up and down the beach, reading, looking back through some of the thousands of images captured over the last eight weeks, sad, knowing we would in all probability not return to this most beautiful country.




8DE2103B-FF26-416A-AE34-92574C794EE0Beautiful sunset finished the day, our perfect little camp in paradise….



4 thoughts on “A final taste of Paradise

  1. What a joy to find this one last blog. A perfect ending to a most fascinating voyage of discoveries in such a magnificent country, a photographers dream, full of splendour, challenges and wonderous delight. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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