Lion, Fall & a near miss!

Day 49. Early drive out from Fletcher Bay, stop at Port Jackson for a last long stroll on  this beautiful beach. Find a rare whole Sand Dollar – Sea Urchin – all the ones previous had been broken and scattered into separate triangular pieces. Bleached white in death, it was light and delicate to the touch in our palm.


Another beautiful scenic drive out along the winding gravel drive to the main road….




Ohana Farm Lookout – over the Firth of Thames….


707A4246-2C0E-45E7-8233-DC15BDDDB763Miranda Holiday Park – after four days non-powered Aramoana Two needed a top up of essentials and after a couple of weeks we needed some clean clothes and linen. As a  bonus this park also had a thermal pool to soothe our aching muscles after weeks of daily walks.

Day 50. Drive to Piha Beach. Lion Rock Tramp – shaped like a reclining lion seen from the south beach – this huge rock divides the beach. 



A short steep stepped track took us up the lions back….

Carved rock shapes, spaces between providing lookouts over the south beach. 


A perfectly placed seat at the stopping point, thankfully not all the way up this time – a rockfall had made further ascent too dangerous. A Carved Pou stood sentinel attributed to a Maki ancestress who once loved the spot.



The North Beach….


Kitekite Falls – 90m fall 1 hour return.

A walk taking us through native Kauri forest walking a track often over boardwalks to protect the shallow feeding roots of these protected statuesque trees…

We followed and crossed the winding river over bridges…..


and wet rocky crossings…..



Steep steps took us up to the top of the falls and swimming holes, thankfully the muse was not needed to stand precariously on the edge….





Back into forest, steps down and out to a spectacular three tiered falls into a rocky turquoise pool below, a photographers dream…..





Perils of a forest walk, dead and dying plant matter from a canopy way above just missed falling on our heads. The crashing sound of a huge, heavy frond falling through the dense layers sent the muse surging forward almost knocking long-suffering over in the process!




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