A Secluded Cove

Day 45. Early long drive to edge of Coromandel and Homunga Beach Walk – from Ngatitiangata Road above the bay, 1.5 hour return.

We packed our swim things, lunch, and plenty of water for an easy walk down to a beach we hoped would not disappoint.

A hop over a style before starting our descent down a gravel lane and out onto open hills, the grassy track was well marked and easy to follow.

A sea mist had rolled in giving an eerie feel, and making the coast line almost invisible from our headland vantage track.


B3899500-7EFA-4C9F-95D8-9A81D833CC93The track changed as we headed down into a valley before changing again as we hiked through thick native bush with glimpses of the bay under the mist as it cleared.





A final narrow zigzag path dropped us down and out onto Homunga Beach….Wow, a stunning beauty, silky soft, white sand, fine particles dusting our hiking boots. Hopping about we scrambled to get them off, not believing this beautiful cove was deserted! Our own private paradise. Turquoise waters, waves rushing in over rocks to shore, frothing, creating patterns on the sand.





We dumped our bags and paddled the waters of the steeply sloping beach, waves breaking knee high before the undercurrent tried to pull our legs out from under us.


Strolling in and out of the surf exploring, at one end we found the trickle of a waterfall….



The view from above through the ever present sea mist….



Mid-afternoon we made our way back up – pay back time for our rest and relaxation in the peaceful cove. Unlike the ease of our descent the return back up was anything but. A hot, hard, huff and puff taking us over an hour to reach Aromoana Two.

However, despite our cooled, sea washed skin running in sweat washed rivulets down our necks, we both agreed it had been well worth the effort to get there and back!


Waihi Beach Freedom Camp – a car park set back from the road but not on the beach.

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