Day 13…. Morning dawned and so did we, both stumbling about on less than perky legs after two days of uphill walks. Regardless, the muse was needed out by the lake before we left…


Arrowtown…. was a must see for us, three years previous it was one we missed and regretted. A much needed down time day……

We arrived early, already the streets and car parks were busy with fellow tourists. This town attracts people like bees to a hive. It literally buzzed with life! Our visit started with the museum. Artefacts displayed in many rooms, some in part of the original BNZ Bank took us back to the 1860s when the rush for the Arrow Rivers gold  provided the means for this historic town to spring up. Other rooms shared Maori and early European history. The museum was a great place to start our tour, and one I would throughly recommend, a real Aladdin’s cave. No photos we were too busy enjoying this wonderful small museum.

Next up was the the famous heritage high street we browsed the stores up and down Buckingham street amongst the crowds. The old buildings really are charming, more so I’m sure when the hoards are gone, even so you still felt that you had gone back in time to the Wild West.


Tea and carrot cake outside in the sun.


On route to the Chinese Settlement by the river we passed lots of lovely looking bikes for hire. Remember this was our down day….

As long-suffering enquired about price, cycle route etc. I think my legs shook a little, I needn’t have worried for we ended up riding e-Bikes for the first time……


Arrow Bridges Trail….26 km return – really!! A gravel trail way following and crossing the Arrow River to our turnaround point Kawarau Bridge Bungy set 141 feet over the Kawarau River.


Definitely NOT on either of our must do list, but for some brave souls…..

although I was momentarily tempted by the zip wire ride!


The E.Bikes once we – specifically me – got used to them were fantastic for some of the more challenging uphill parts of the terrain including zig-zag tracks to negotiate at the same time. Long-suffering came to my rescue on the approaches to the steep bits by reminding me loudly to ‘change down, change down, CHANGE DOWN’ in time to make a successful climb, after two false starts stopping mid-way up!

We cycled over the river via two suspension bridges, one extremely high causing Long-suffering to blanch a little, although most days now we have crossed one or two by foot, and at least on a bike I was unable to bounce it up and down to heighten his experience!


We ate our packed lunch overlooking the Bungy gorge and stunning Turquoise River before our return cycle.


A herd of deer along the route….


Our e-Bikes would go for a distance of 80km before recharging. For us both less effort on hilly terrain would enable us to cycle further. For me alone, I could still maintain most of the effort, except on the really steep parts where my dodgy leg would normally mean dismounting before the top. A flick of the gears and my bike took off up the hill with minimum effort. On the return cycle my confidence improved and I was flying, with the wind in my hair back down the slopes not a squeaky brake was heard from long-sufferings ears!


Cherry blossoms


Back in town a Last stop at the Gelato…. Doubles = Mint Choc and Hokey Pokey ice cream on the village green, plus music from a couple of young buskers while we ate.


Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park…. our base for the next three nights, a powered site. Hot, hot showers, hot tubs and sauna, kitchen, barbecues, lounge, laundry facilities  immaculate grounds, spring flowers and only a thirty minute downhill walk into town.

This year we will have seen two springs in six months!

Pasta meatballs for supper…..





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