Otago Peninsula

Day 2…. A bright start awake to the sound of the resident cockerel and clucking of his girls followed the heavy rain that drummed on our roof for most of the night. The bed was comfy enough to sleep – although I will update the last statement at the end of the trip! After porridge and lovely hot showers we were back out on the open road for our next stop….


Moeraki Boulders…. are to be found on Koekohe Beach, these mostly perfect spheres, some two metres in diameter were originally formed sixty million years ago. We accessed the beach from the public carpark via the shop and cafe for a small voluntary fee. A Short walk from the boardwalk followed by a few steps took us down onto the beach, with low tide the boulders were perfectly visible in all their oddness, some spaced together others cast off alone embedded in the sand.


The beach was busy, a popular attraction but long-suffering persevered to get his best shots, the muse took the time to explore the boulders up close and walk further along the shoreline and get her best shots!

Our next stop – the name we gave our motorhomes – Aramoana ‘Pathway to the sea’ – sits north of Dunedin. A small village without shop or streetlights our first freedom camp was situated down a quiet lane towards the beach set just back from the sea and sand dunes.



The wind was blowing a hooli by the time we arrived late afternoon we needed as many layers as possible. After a quick hot cuppa we were away over the sand dunes to explore. We were not disappointed huge steep cliffs seem to rise up from the beach, a huge tall rock known as the keyhole due to its shaped hole at the top stood as a doorway to the beach the other side.


Shells covered the beach some making interesting collages. Later as we walked back along the beach towards the dunes and Aramoana 2, a kite surfer was riding the rolling waves the wind whipping him along ever faster.


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