Time to take stock and get on with the business of writing!

If you are reading this post as a regular follower, please accept my apologies for the lapse in posts, four months worth to be precise!

I am with almost everything else – except housework – very motivated, organised, conscientious and up to the task in hand be it work or leisure. Not so it would seem the hand of writing!

Blog posts have been started, sidelined, restarted and then left while extra work commitments, family ‘staycation’  – from the house of two halves – long-sufferings mid life crisis and then unexpectedly the death of my wonderful Mother who was always my inspiration for never giving up when I might otherwise have, early on in my recovery.

I shall miss throughout this Autumn not hearing my mother’s regular updates regarding the mess the falling leaves were making in her garden, especially as, and I quote ‘most of the leaves are not even from my own trees!’

As the plants in our own garden and the gardens I tend start to slowly retreat back from their summer exuberance……….

calm is returning.  The sense of urgency to sow, plant, weed, mow, renew and re-design that the onset of spring and summer brings has passed.

There is still much to do of course in ever shortening hours. Daily raking of leaves, bulb/bare root planting, autumn tidy up, design and planting plans for new projects. However, some days now there is a stillness and less frantic pace, time to pause and take stock.

For us the new ‘Project meadow’ has been a success. The steady succession of bulbs and wildflowers in the sparse grass previously a well kept lawn, along with the addition of new prairie borders to the outer edges, kept the show going all summer. Recently it was cut down and more bulbs planted. Next year will be the true test of continued success as I watch and hope everything added this year returns and more besides!

With the dark mornings, evenings drawing in and the distraction of the long suffering gone, as his weekly London commute restarts, the hand that once wrote will attempt to do likewise!


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