The Meadow

What a happy homecoming, after eight weeks of travel on the opposite side of the world the garden and I are reunited.


The grassy area at the front that this time last year – when we moved in – was a pristine manicured lawn with knife edged small circular beds under the three trees has now after only a year started its transition into a wild flower meadow.

I could hardly contain my excitement as we drove up the drive, at the sight of the many upright leaves from some of the 300 bulbs lovingly planted in the autumn. The Fritillaria meleagris already in flower, maroon chequered and white heads nodding in the warm sun and gentle breeze.

Leaving long-suffering to the cases I jumped out of the car for a closer look, my delight complete as I noted that there was a healthy representation from all the different bulbs planted – Camassia, Species Tulip ‘Saxatilis’ and Narcissi ‘Actaea’. I stopped short of counting every one but suffice to say at least 70 per cent had come up!

Narcissi poeticus ‘Actaea’ just one in flower but many more I hope over the next few weeks will slowly open imparting their lovely fragrance as I wander through the middle pathway.

It remains to be seen how many of the 150 wild flower plug plants planted last spring, make an appearance.  Some are already to be seen, the rest, well I shall watch and wait fingers crossed!

Meanwhile we left the luggage in the hall as we excitedly toured our ‘estate’ to see what other delights we could find…….

And more…..

Even more

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