Day 24 – early drive to Queenstown, stopped off at the southern end of Lake Wakatipu for a short lunch break.


This was a truly wonderful tranquil spot even though it was a stones throw from the main highway six. The gentle lap of the clear turquoise water over the shoreline of smooth stones masked out any sound of passing traffic.


With a location this idyllic and hot sun beating down, the itinerary was diverted once again. Stripping off and creaming up we took time off in our hectic schedule just to lay back and enjoy the moment.


While long-suffering slept, snoring happily away beside me as is his way once horizontal, as is my way whenever water is about I just had to take a cooling dip. It was instantly, very cooling – like all the rivers and sea I have dipped into in NZ – breathtakingly cold.


A few well placed sprinkles later on, shocked the long-suffering awake, our cue to move on!

Kelvin Peninsular Walk Queenstown – easy loop walk first through pine forests, then out into the open past an immaculate members and public golf course. With huge Lake Wakatipu on one side, the rolling fairways sloping to it, this could be a challenging course – according to Long-sufferings practiced eye.

He declined my suggestion of a round – too expensive, no time, really I think it was more the fact I haven’t played proper golf in many years – far too embarrassing!


Just over an hour this walk gave us beautiful views over the lake to Queenstown, the sky lift and its back drop of mountains, our next challenge tomorrow.

Queenstown – evening, a complete contrast to anywhere else we have visited. Our senses were assaulted by first and foremost the noise! The town was buzzing, literally teeming with backpackers and other travellers, every nationality – the majority youngsters – walking around, sitting, eating, dreadlocks, bearded, mismatched, creased, drinking, carrying packs of beer, backpacks – so big as to render standing tall impossible. Long-suffering blended in well with his fully grown beard!


In the square where we came to rest for a rare meal out, an open mike session was in full swing, the two bands we watched – from the comfort of our chairs – were actually very good, and loud as they must be. The grassy area in front of the stage was covered in a festival of young people coming together, listening, chilling, sharing their stories of travel and excitement. The buzz was infectious and our feet were tapping along to some tunes we knew – and a lot we had no idea – sign of our age, and we did feel slightly older, with all this youth stretching as far as the eye could see!

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