A Quick Dip Roadside

Day 9 – The long-suffering likes to pack as much in a day as is possible which is why on a chilly day I was instructed – primary driver now is my title – to pull over to bathe in a geothermal stream. It was actually two streams converging, one piping hot, one cold mixing to make a warm pool or boiling if you chose to cross the road to the hot stream as two of a group of four already in decided to do.

Then on to Huka Falls…

And further on to Lake Taupo bikes out again for a cycle around the lake to witness long-suffering failing to get a hole in one – for a prize of 10,000 dollars – hitting a golf ball out to one of three holes on the lake from a tee set up on land! He did hit the platform 12 times though!


Cycled on to watch random people Bungee jump off a scarily high platform. Like a couple of oldies we shook our heads wondering at the mad attraction of this particular pastime deciding our hearts wouldn’t be up to it. Mine was in my mouth just watching!

On the road to Napier we pull over to swap drivers at the entrance to a view-point, deciding to drive on up we are delighted to find beautiful wild falls cascading from thick forest, another photo opportunity!

Destination freedom camp next……

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