Lows & Highs

Day 7 – After two days of freedom camping we had to empty our toilet Cassette for only the second time – the first was a joint effort which resulted in the long-suffering being subjected to splash-back by my not so gentle efforts to turn on the hose to rinse said cassette out! This time he was taking no chances and took the necessary precautions!


Cathedral Cove, East coast Coromandel. We were hoping to get here earlier to beat the crowds, the slow winding roads are putting a spanner in the long-sufferings calculation times, thankfully the full beard he now sports does much to bring out the laid back traveller in him!

The morning was thick cloud and unbeknown to us we had parked in the car park furthest away – the beach is only accessible on foot or boat/kayak – thinking we would not be long and in our haste to get going we forgot: hats, sun cream and changing the fridge over to gas.

The climb up to various lookouts along this beautiful coastline was steep in places and long – just over an hour. The beach when we arrived – half ten – was already very busy, walking out onto the sand and looking to our left we were at once reminded of Durdle Dor on the Dorset coast back in Britain as we looked through a huge stone arch, the only difference the imposing white rock on the other side.

The return back was uphill nearly all the way and sunny. Wearing a cardigan over my head and shoulders to protect them from burning sent the long suffering rushing on in embarrassment, that and the thought of his mini magnums defrosting inside the fridge.  Luckily for me on our return the fridge and contents were fine averting a full-scale fall out from L.S.

We continue on Rotorua next……..




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