The open road

Day 1.  The long-suffering and I could hardly contain our excitement as the taxi dropped us off at the headquarters of Wilderness motor homes. We were greeted by Morgan and Max our very friendly and thorough service team, who aside from running through all the information and user instructions we would need, made us feel totally at ease and confident we had made the right choice in choosing ‘Wilderness’.

First sight of our chosen home on wheels did not disappoint, as she gleamed shiny white in the sun the open side door beckoned us in. Well equipped our cosy space was perfect. A few laughs were had as long-suffering got to grips with the important task of ‘how to loo empty’ – his designated job for the next four weeks!

Finally we were off, by the time our tutorial team waved us goodbye, with added bikes fixed on the back and complimentary goodie box, it was 1.30pm before we were able to leave Auckland behind. The long sufferings plan – I can take no credit for any aspect of this trip except for the packing – was to head north….

A wrong turn getting out of busy Auckland – even with the portable sat nav – sent me scrambling for the trusty road atlas, chief navigator was now added to my role as holiday companion. My head swelled with the importance but quickly deflated with the next of two more wrong turns on the open road, one sending us back in a loop the way we came. I blamed the breathtaking head-swivelling views coming at us with every turn on the long winding steep roads and my panic that we were going over the edge to the sheer drop below, for missing the signs.

Photo opportunities were in abundance but neither of us took them up so intent we were on arriving before dark at our first stop. Eventually tension abated as we reached our destination, intact as long-suffering knew we would despite his nervous and neurotic companion!

Uretiti beach D.O.C.- Department of conservation site. First stop – beautiful beach, sand dunes, quiet, few other campers, no T.V., rabbit activity to remind me of home and eaten veggies and long-suffering by my side, what more could a girl want?

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