Invader in the garden!



The naughty badger called in for a visit again last night without invitation – his usual style.  Our lawn this time was left intact much to long sufferings delight.

His upbeat mood was not to last…..


Returning from our Sunday morning excursion out in the surrounding countryside,

we both as is our custom took a turn around our estate. These days our amble around our ‘estate’ is a much quicker affair in our much reduced plot, nevertheless even in a small space there is much to stop and marvel at along the route.

Some of the 300 odd bulbs – the cause of my much maligned wrist anguish – planted in the meadow out the front are pushing up through the grass. The thought of the spectacle to come tempers the daily wrist twinges!

Granny’s snowdrops dug up with care before the move and lovingly transplanted into the border near the back door have pushed through the earth. I will miss the flowers this year but in the promise of the new shoots Granny lives on in this new garden.

Back to the badger then…On closer inspection although the lawn was happily intact the adjacent long border was the scene of much destruction. Plants were uprooted and tossed to one side, bulbs strewn about, some partly eaten.

Badgers are omnivores eating both plant and animal matter. Judging by the holes through the border his diet last night consisted of plant roots, worms, bulbs and maybe the poor resident mole lurking underground!


At this point on sight of the uprooted plants the long-suffering – his delight quickly turning into ‘Victor Meldrew’ mode – made to slope quietly back to the house knowing full well a digging session was imminent.

And of course as is my way, once the spade comes out I can usually find some other digging jobs for him to do…….

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